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tsm cares (formally known as stand4vets Approved by the IRS as an Official 501(C)(3)


  1.      To develop a program that will provide cost effective and/or free oral health care possibilities for American veterans, immediate family members and Gold Star Families.    

     (a.)   This will include a mobile dentistry (facility)vehicle for each state that will provide, cleanings, extractions, and fillings.  Long Term Goal is to create a TSM Veterans Dental Clinic in every state.  

   (b.)   Annual Nationwide Dental Cleaning.

2.      That the Veterans Health Administration should integrate oral care into primary care as a core service.  

3.      Suggest that policymakers should support mandatory dental coverage for veterans to encourage regular dental healthcare.  

4.      Therefore, that policymakers should expand eligibility for dental healthcare from the Veterans Health Administration and provide dental coverage for all veterans. 

 5.      Finally, for policymakers to become co-sponsor sand supporters for the Dental Care for Veterans Act.  


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 Approved by the IRS as an Official 501(C)(3)
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Veterans come First

We care about all citizens, but investing in those that signed the dotted line to preserve our freedoms will in-turn make a bigger impact in Society as they march forward.   This will also help ensure they can carry on and do not give up on themselves and what they defended to protect.  Freedom!

Announce coming events

 We will be kicking off a Salute Across America Tour and we are working on having it made into a documentary so we can use this footage to showcase the need and the impact help with unaffordable dentistry can help many Veterans in need and how it can help reduce the medical costs down the road through preventative maintenance.  

Display real testimonials

This will be updated with Veterans we have helped that are willing to share their stories.  

Anyone can help a Vet with dental in their Community

Connecting the dots, sometimes is all it takes with finding the resources that are in the community already set up to be able to help those Veterans in need.  This way everyone can help this initiative.   If not contact us.  

Share the big news

 We have partnered with a Dentistry outside of Tampa, Florida  that can help Veterans with un-affordable dental care.  Starting June 2019 they will be able to provide denture services.     Please contact us if you have a Veteran in need!

If you have a veteran in need, or questions contact us.

Tell us about what you need. The more detailed the better.

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