The Saluting 

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Welcome to my Site!   It is simply amazing how far my salute has gone.

Everyone Matters in the Saluting Marine's Book!  

I love reinforcing the good people do in their communities.  

My name is Tim Chambers, I am a Marine Veteran.  

In 2002 I was inspired to jump off the curb and give a salute to the Veterans and

 Patriots riding for our Prisoners of War and Missing in Action in support of
Rolling Thunder in Washington D.C.

The year prior I became a partner with the 50th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration Committee and educated people about the Korean War and gave long overdue appreciation to our Korean War Veterans.  People refer to the Korean War as the "Forgotten War" I do not consider it that, perhaps a better title would be the
"Forgotten Victory!"  

 In today's Military we learn and pride ourselves on the courage displayed by all Korean War Veterans.  I have spoken to many South Korean's 안녕하세요 (Annyeonghaseyo) and they remember the American GI's and the 20 other Nations that came together to fight the North, the Chinese, and the Russians with a great amount of respect and appreciation.

These are pictures of my three days at the monument during Memorial Day weekend toasting and teaching people about the Korean War.  This prompted me to return the following year in my dress blues and give some hugs and handshakes to Veterans that were visiting the Memorials and console the families.

      I decided to return to the memorials the following Memorial Day weekend in my Dress Blues to thank people for their service, and console family members that lost their loved ones.  I noticed three groups of people passing by                                           on their motorcycles; Patriots, Veterans and Gold Star Family Members.

I wanted to show them my respect and compassion so I jumped off the curb and popped up a salute.  Several hours later the last bike rolled past and the street rushed me and shared with me what it means to them.  


My salute has been taken as a 

"Welcome Home" to Korean and Vietnam Vets!  

I never thought this Salute would mean as much as it does to the younger Veterans and Active Duty.  Their validation is the highest honor for me to receive.

       GOLD STAR

This Salute is a direct reflection of the love and compassion displayed by the ones that paid the ultimate sacrifice.  

My efforts are to ensure our Nation does not forget.  I have been told  my standing there is a reminder.


The Salute opens the door to reach our youth, and inspire them to honor military sacrifice, respect themselves, each other, our elders and authority.

I motivate them to Blaze their own trail in life and further their education!   I press upon them that the Government likes to help their people but they must help themselves so the Government can help those who cannot help themselves. The decisions they will make down the road will save lives and preserve our way of life.   I believe they will be our next "Greatest Generation".


We need people to care for each other and our Nation. 

The Salute has inspired people to see worth in themselves and see how easy it can be to make a difference in someones life.  

Enthusiasm and Heart can take you a long way.  I strive to reach Patriots and thank them for their service to our Nation with their service before self.   People face so much adversity in life and deserve to be recognized for overcoming their hardships.  I salute people who take care of their young, or take on the parental figure for kids that do not have parents.  Seeing this makes my "service" worth it!

Great News!!!!!!!!  I got married at my annual post and my bride stood with me!  We stood for military families.  This notion was expressed by a widow who lost her husband due to Suicide after he came home from war.  She informed Lorraine that she was standing for her!  Very powerful and put it in perspective for both of us. 

 Lorraine lasted the whole time standing by me paying our respects!  I am so lucky to have a women that supports all my efforts as the Saluting Marine. 

 She looked so amazing in her wedding dress.  More pictures to come!

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