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Marine Veteran Tim Chambers

The Saluting Marine

Saluting the courage of Citizens and Military who make our Country better.


Live to the Standards of what the Flag Represents!  Add something to the Flag!  That's an Order!

tour accomplished! Salute complete! products still available!

Salute Across America Tour.  Visiting Veterans in VA Centers and Hospice Centers.  Salute!

Conducted a Final Salute at VA Homes and Hospice Centers

Made this happen with little sponsorship and out of our own pocket like most of what i do for USA.

NBC Lester Holt Nightly news! Aired Memorial Day 2018

Was very humbled to be recognized for my efforts by NBC!

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Some videos of "The Saluting Marine" in action!


Service before Self

Over 20 years of Honoring the Sacrifice and Promoting Patriotism

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Reinforcing good on a National level and ensuring all Citizens know they have a place in society.


Helping Veterans of all Generations that are in need.  


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